You'll win everything..

The entire current foamë shop contents - for you and a friend*worth over £1,000

All future toys - developments, games & cool stuff that we ever make. For life*


There's two ways to play and win. 

Guess & Invite!

Here's what you need to do.


This is a box of widgets.

Currently under heavy surveillance 24/7 by sentry r080ts

[Whats a widget? What are these r080t things?]

There's one simple question..

How many widgets are in it? 

Enter your guess for your first chance to win it all.


Now for your second chance to win! Each invite you make to the game you'll get an extra entry to the prize draw where the winner will be picked at random.

Play to win.


Good luck and thanks for joining the game!

Entries close sometime this year(?) 2018

[Friend* - this can also be a charity, organisation, school or similar establishment]  [Life* - anything we ever make is yours to decide it's fate

You'll receive your prize whenever you like and all future toys before anyone else for feedback to Foamë HQ and bragging rights!

You decide where we send the prizes, so if you want to spread the fun we'll ship them anywhere for you.




A re-cap on what's to play for..



Additionally, all participants will be automatically entered into the R080TS prize draw.

We'll be giving away 1 R080T / week whilst the THE.R080TS.ARE.COMING* - Sanctioned for parole release Springtime 2018.

The Prize: a 3' scale version of a r080t! Colour (or color) and ID to be determined by recruits. Yours to win. Details of the r080t competition will follow in April.

*PLEASE NOTE: The r080ts are small batch, limited edition creations (only 500 of each) + user engagement will determine their true identities and intentions!

You can pre-order here!

House rules

  • One guess each - BUT - you can enter again in the invite a friend game + boost your entries into the tombola round per every friend you invite... bosh, winning!!

  • A promise to share our world with your world and spread a little fun around.

  • Game entries will close at precisely 11.13 pm (GMT) in the year 2018

  • If the exact number of widgets isn't guessed then the closest winner takes all.

  • If more than 1 person guesses the exact number, there'll be another round (invented by everyone else on our social feeds) to determine 1 ultimate winner.

  • NO-ONE knows the answer yet. The count will take place by candle light with wine drinking. Details will follow.


This Game, Competition, Prize, Give-Away thing is ran by NCL Design Ltd. All prizes currently on offer are our own building toys & play-things, which are handmade in our toy studio in Northumberland, UK.

Any participants trying to cheat or manipulate the game will be disqualified.

Should any individual, company or organisation like to up the ante, you can get in-touch here  

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Order a new play-thing now..



Follow the white rabbit.