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This is a journey that explores a hidden land, a world of hope and mystery that really has no plan.

Excerpts from - Foamëverse: Widget Origins

It started with a rumble in a sky of brilliant white, then fell a single widget which bounced and sprung to life
From that white and into the new, that single widget soon turned in to two
A widget of Wonder another called Haste, set off to work to build and create
As is the way of the world that we see, it wasn’t too long before two became three
Wonder and Haste made Magic...
— origins
Foamë illustration.png

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To give a little insight on the stories yet to come, here's a titles shortlist so you can reflect on whats to come:


'Scampë's Story'

'Croctopus and the upset Octopus'

'The (Mis)Adventures of Dud, Buck and Fizzle'

PART 1: The Fateful Voyage

PART 2: An Unexpected Friend

'The Tale of Whack Foo'

'Whack Foo and the Misfits'

'Adventures: Building the Metropolis'

'Whack Foo what did you do!?'


... then there's something to do with the r080ts.

But I don't know how much I can say here, they may be listening.

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This world is not yet captured and there’s a lot that you can do, send us smiles and photographs so we can put you in our zoo.
— Widdy


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