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This is a journey that explores a hidden land, a world of hope and mystery that really has no plan...

Excerpts from - 'Foamëverse: Widget Origins'

It started with a rumble in a sky of brilliant white, then fell a single widget which bounced and sprung to life
— origins
From that white and into the new, that single widget soon turned in to two
— origins

A widget of Wonder another called Haste, set off to work to build and create
— origins

As is the way of the world that we see, it wasn’t too long before two became three
— origins

Wonder and Haste made Magic...
— origins

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To give a little insight on the stories yet to come, we've made a title shortlist so you can start to beat the drum:


'Scampë's Story'

'Croctopus and the upset Octopus'

'The (Mis)Adventures of Dud, Buck and Fizzle'

PART 1: The Fateful Voyage

PART 2: An Unexpected Friend

'The Tale of Whack Foo'

'Whack Foo and the Misfits'

'Adventures: Building the Metropolis'

'Whack Foo what did you do!?'


... then there's something to do with the r080ts.

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