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With over 50 million species of animals in the world we would have liked to include each and every one, but, we chose to feature our favourite 15 characters inside the foamë® Creatures set. Our critters hail from the Amazonian shallows, Caribbean lagoons and as far flung as the icy waters of Antarctica.

 Presenting to you - in no specific order;

  • Fish & Ducks 
  • Shark, Dolphin & Whale 
  • Starfish & Octopus
  • Manta-ray & Turtle
  • Tuna & Crab 
  • Penguin & Polar bear 
  • Crocodile & Snake

Made from safe, soft and mega-resilient materials, our children's building and construction toys bring some fantastical fun to bath times, garden adventures or journey's away.

From pinching crabs, ninja-starfish and torpedo tuna, the foamë® Creatures set offers a perfect introduction to a new world of character creating - "who am I, where am I from, what's happening?"..

Our toys arrive in the super-fly foamë® zipper-up storage satchel and include a guide book to help encourage creative learning through exploration and play.

For ages 3 - 7 years+. 

Help them start a new adventure, just - pop. push. play.

(Not suitable for under 3yrs - small parts included).