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Ahoy shipmates!

Whether you're looking for a sailor's life aboard the foamë® schooner or some dastardly pillaging voyages at the helm of a Viking's dragon ship, this mega construction and building toy is going to make evening baths and journeys away pales of fun. 

  • Viking ship 
  • Island 
  • Junk boat 
  • Surfer 
  • Sailing boat 
  • Speed boat 
  • Longboat 
  • Windsurfer 
  • Schooner 
  • Passenger plane 
  • Pirate ship
  • Helicopter & Wind turbine blueprints
  • PLUS the 120pc Galleon blueprint (available soon via pdf. download or A3 poster).

    The innovative foamë® Boat set is made from safe, soft and mega-resilient materials offering the ultimate in creative play for budding foamë® builders and pirates in training anywhere.

    The illustrated guide book explores the basics to mega-builds and features 12 standard models; from 5pc builds to a 34pc pirate ship with the potential to make full set galleons and offers a challenge to young sea-fairing imaginations - whilst still giving the freedom of creativity 'outside the bag' - Packed up in the super-fly foamë® zipper-up storage satchel for fuss free easy-tidying away.

    For ages 4 - 9 years+. 

    Start a new adventure with pop. push. play.

    (Not suitable for under 3yrs - small parts included).