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Before foamë®, there were mouldy bath toys. Before foamë®, there were toy bricks that injured little (and large) feet. Before foamë®, there was a world of construction just waiting to be discovered by big imaginations everywhere.

Evolving from bath time at foamë® HQ, these innovative soft yet firm and completely durable pieces of floating brilliance can be popped and pushed to create creatures from the oceanic depths and vessels to sail the seven seas, as well as robots, rockets, racing cars, trains, planes and other flying machines - all held together in the super-fly, zipper-up foamë® satchel.

At foamë®, play is everything and through construction and pretend play, a child's cognitive and motor skills can really develop; allowing a relentless amount of creative flair.

Soft and smooth to touch, light and flexible to hold, the foamë® materials are also mega-resilient making these children's building and construction toys the perfect solution for play time, bath time, adventures outdoors and trips to the moon.

At the heart of foamë® is family, we are a small independent company focused on quality, play and enduring creative spirit. Designed by parents and children, foamë® has been two years in the making. A continuous programme of refinement and testing means we're able to offer a thoroughly 'Best of British' quality toy. Developed and manufactured in Northumberland with love and consideration, the small team of foamë® design contributors are all located here in the North East of England.

Safety and quality come first. All foamë® is BPA, Phthalate and Formamide-free and is made from a unique blend of EVA and PE foam materials. CE marked for conformity and Certified EN71-3:2013+A1:2014 compliant under European Directive 2009/48/EC. All rights reserved to; Foamë Industries Ltd. & NCL Design Ltd. - Copyright, Trademarks, and UK Patent Pending # GB1519317.0
With several new and exciting toys in the design process, we aim to bring further sets to our product range in 2017. Sign-up to our newsletter for development updates and special offers and become part of the foamë® community.
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