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Not all toy companies are built equal.


Some target younger children and demographics through nefarious marketing strategies. We don't do that.

We, in part and in reference to, NCL Design Ltd. and Foamë Industries target an older (not inclusively more mature) demographic. Our tactics are transparent. 

The main pages indexed through the 'Explore' menu on this site remain accessible to all audiences and will be free from profanity and otherwise unsuitable content to a younger audience. However, we take no responsibility and accept no liability for any additional page redirects that hold content some audiences may deem inappropriate for younger viewers and it remains at the discretion of you, our website users, to ultimately determine whether or not the content we produce is appropriate for your children. 

The videos that we produce are suitable for all ages - 'U' - unless otherwise stated and we will follow the ratings guidelines as outlined by the British Board of Film Classification - detailed here and clearly mark our content - 'PG' - 'PG-13' or 'R-Rated'.

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All artworks contained across our platforms remains the property of NCL Design Ltd. We advocate content sharing and collaborating, our House Rules in our T+C's outlines our process for doing so.

Should you wish to use any of our media, that would be great, just drop us a line through our Contact form.

So, with the niceties aside, the world is full of incredible people who do remarkable things. If you do things that are creative or outright peculiar, then we doth our caps to you, you're awesome - show us what you do.

If you've read this far and want to become part of our team (no matter where in the world you are) for conjuring up hair brained stories, antics, shenanigans and mastering the format of 'The Game' with Foamë Industries and NCL Design Ltd; click here. [Password; Agent080

**Warning, not for the feint of heart! 

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