From May 4th 2018; coinciding with the release of the r080ts and the announced result and winner of the Widget Game; we're introducing an affiliate programme and enabling the reselling of our products to partners with on and offline stores.

Guidelines for use of content assets, incentives and suitable platforms will be detailed to interested parties. Please use the form below to give us a brief overview of;

  •  who you are, what you do, why you're awesome (optional), when you'd like to get involved, where you operate and how we can get in touch with you (following the 6 w's is not required but kudos if you do!)



In the meantime we're trying out a viral-loops campaign on our lifetime giveaway competition with a referral game; to separate wheat from the chaff - the curds and whey - the epic from the ordinary (enough of the analogies, everyone's a winner here)...

So, you can fill in your details above AND if you're up for a bit of sport you can join in the fun -> GAME ON!

Thanks, Team foamë :)