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Put simply, we make toys, if you like toys - we can help. Toys let us: play, imagine & have some fun.

So if you, or someone else you know, like to do any of these things you don't need to keep scrolling down the page.


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Foamë Toys


Bags of expression. Bags of relaxation.

Whether it's as a light-weight travel companion to occupy, engage and entertain or an at home favourite, foamë play has got you covered.

Our toys have been: Build. Drop. Kick & Step tested. Result: No crash, no bang, just bounce (or 'bumph' - a more accurate audible description)

Further insight from our adult testing group showed that foamë reduces swearing - both internally and audibly.

All the bits & pieces that make up the world of foamë are engineered for robust modelling - the foam is tough, not squishy, yet still squash-able.

More user feedback is required to determine the precise feel of foamë, otherwise it's just foamëish .


In toy terms it's somewhere between playdoh and brick building. There's an element to both of these when building & sculpting with foamë.

Build connections; play socially with friends, siblings and parents - develop your inner world and express yourself with sculptural creativity.

Improve: Cognitive reasoning. Divergent thinking. 3D Visualization. Problem solving. Motor-skills & Confidence.


There’s no need to ogle or gawk at a screen, with foamë in hand you can build as you dream
— widdy

No technology required.

Sometimes it's good to disconnect and reconnect with physical play-things and foamë offers a screen-free technicolor immersive experience. 

Connect; there's many different ways foamë fits together and all the sets are interchangeable. No coding or wiring skills required.

Build it, drop it, take it away, to remake and remodel the following day

 All our toys come in a bag for ease of tidying away and ready to take on your travels and adventures - inside & out (planes, trains and automobiles, but maybe not bicycles).

The bag's a bit like a satchel, with carry handle & vented mesh base for drying from water play, suckers for hanging anywhere and a zip-top to keep all your bits, pieces and widgets together.


Sumptuous. Textural. Therapeutic.

Explore your senses through foamë play.

How to & ideas.

First things first, if you haven't already, order your new toy and then wait...

When your creation arrives just rumble to activate -> unzip & tip out.

With the tip of your finger or end of a pen pop out a widget and do it again

Depending on your chosen toy there's many ways to play.

Follow the guides or follow your fingers.

We recommend a free and exploratory approach. 

Connect in 2D, like a jigsaw, see how your bits interact, then explore multi-dimensional pleasure.

Go on, give your squishy bits a squeeze
— widdy

Creatures, Voyages & Adventures.

Here's a quick, easy and fun way to get imaginations firing with squishable storybuilding;

  1. Create a dramatic scene by using props - colorful clothes work well: use them to make mountains, oceans, dunes and fields.
  2. Think up a theme for your story. The more dramatic the better. 
  3. Choose a hero and create a problem or situation that must be explored before it's resolved. 
  4. Go on the adventure - build more heroes or introduce villains. 
  5. Give your creations names and back-ground stories.
  6. Let imaginations run wild. 
  7. Resolve the story with an epic finale. 
  8. Tidy away for another day.


If there's something we're missing that you think we should know press the RED button and you'll proceed to go. 


[All feedback: positive or otherwise is greatly appreciated]

What is foamë made with?

Love, care and science; with a twist of wizardry (it's a bit like making a cake)

We use only the finest ingredients in our foams, including technicolor rainbows from unicorn cream, which result in materials not felt before in toy building.

Engineered for supreme durability and rigorous play + its also mold-resistant.

Safety and quality first. Our toys are BPA, phthalate and formimide-free. No nasties guarantee.

The unique recipe that constitutes the genetic make-up of our toys remains top-secret. See more technical spec here.



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