Kid review of the foamë® building toy sets
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Kid review of the foamë® building toy sets

Posted by Mark Sumner on

foamë® has been designed by kids and adults who believe the toy market is ready for something new, something different, something that will help little hands learn new skills and big imaginations take them on adventures they never knew existed.

We asked 10-year-old Oliver and his little sister Laila, who is five, what their thoughts were on foamë®. Their response? Read it for yourself:


"I was a bit apprehensive about playing with foamë because I have always loved Lego and K’Nex and I didn’t really think there was anything as good. I think I might have been wrong.

I think foamë is brill because, like the others, I can build just about anything I want but, unlike the others, I was able to build a football stadium – IN THE BATH!

You can’t normally take toys in the bath because my mum says they’ll end up smelling of bum, but I was able to take foamë in because it never goes mouldy. Win.

I really really like the Adventures and Boats sets because I can build cars, shops, galleons and pirate ships. I’ve also been learning about the Vikings in school and my teacher let me take my foamë set in to build longboats which my friends thought was pretty cool."

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"I like foamë because I like animals. Animals are my single best thing and with my foamë creatures set, I can build lots of animals that I love.

I have made a sea life centre at bath time. My dolphins did a show and the penguins marched around the shampoo bottles like they do at Edinburgh Zoo. Only they don’t have shampoo bottles there, they have ice cream stands, which I’d like. I’d like to have an ice cream stand in the bathroom at home.

building toy sets, christmas gifts for kids 2016, construction play

Also, my mum empties the foamë sets onto the kitchen table and lets me play with them while she makes my tea. She sets me challenges to build different models out of the foamë instruction books and I have to follow the steps as quickly as I can. Which is really funny and fun.

Foamë is great. My brother sometimes lets me play with his Adventures and Boats building sets where so far I’ve built a speed boat, Aztec temple and some bunk beds for my pet hamsters."



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