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Making the animals from David Attenborough's Planet Earth II

Posted by Mark Sumner on

Create your own Planet Earth with foamë

It's been a long time since the BBC's stunning award winning nature documentary, Planet Earth, graced the small screen. In fact, the show originally aired in 2007 but a season two was not forthcoming - until now, that is. Finally, after almost 10 years of waiting, BBC's Planet Earth returned on Sunday November 6 for a stunning second series, narrated by the ever-incredible David Attenborough.

Covering a whole range of diverse climates and species, Planet Earth II spans 40 countries and hundreds of different species in super high definition, and Attenborough's wide-ranging knowledge accompanies the programme in his commentary.

Each episode in the six-part series focuses on a different unforgiving natural environment: from islands, mountains and jungles to deserts, grassland and cities, and all of the unique and wonderful wildlife that can be sampled in each of these locations.

The show goes from the dangerous cliff faces of Zavodovski in the South Sandwich Islands, following a colony of penguins, to the more docile grasslands of Norfolk, and everything in between. With a score from the world-renowned composer Hans Zimmer, every aspect of Planet Earth II is designed to reach its potential as a piece of cinematic artwork

And with all of these incredible environments on display, let's not forget all of the wildlife we can expect to enjoy, too. From polar bears to whales, crocodiles, manta rays to the unassuming tuna fish, we are sure to be in for a treat with dazzling visuals of the most magical bounty of nature, alongside Attenborough's dulcet tones and Zimmer's sure-to-be-poignant soundtrack. 

With such an invaluable opportunity for the whole family to brush up on their nature knowledge, foamë construction sets give kids and big kids alike the chance to create their very own Planet Earth wherever the mood may take them.

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Be your own Attenborough and construct your animal kingdom in the bath, car or garden, or use these foot-friendly foam sea creatures as a way to teach yourself or the kids about the wonders of the natural world.

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With Planet Earth II on TV screens now, there's never been a more appropriate gift - for yourself or for a loved one.

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