Fantastical Fun With foamë® Construction Toys
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Fantastical Fun With foamë® Construction Toys

Posted by Mark Sumner on

Welcome to the world of foamë®


We understand just how important play is for kids. It's how they learn, explore and understand the world, expand their imaginations and master their growing skills. The other great thing about play is that kids don't realise any of this; they’re way too busy enjoying themselves.

foamë® encapsulates all of these benefits, with the emphasis being on the fun.  

The foamë® team have invented our foam playsets with unlimited fun-filled potential and we’re mega-excited to share with you and your kids our innovation.

Take some foamë super-soft, durable, and foot-safe foam pieces and let creative juices take over. Make a rocket ship and fly it to the moon and back. Sail the seven seas and meet a mythical monster. Build a den for your characters, whether it's a tipi, a temple or a tower. Dream up a dinosaur or design a dolphin.

Whatever enthuses and inspires the kids can be conjured up, it really is magic!

See what they come up with and be amazed. With complete freedom of expression, kids can be as crazy or as carefree as they like. And we love that. 

foamë versatile floating toys can easily be scooped up and moved around, unlike fiddly construction sets with small hard, pieces. There’s also no term known as 'foamë® foot', nor will there ever be!

Your little ones can be playing with them in the car on the way back from school or nursery, take them out in the garden, and then into the bath. There really are no boundaries, not to the locations, nor the creations. 

With the festive season on the horizon, you can give the gift of foamë® as the perfect Christmas gift for kids. Toys with traditional values, long-lasting enjoyment and inbuilt educational advantages are top of every parent’s wish-list, but often hard to find.

At foamë®, we are confident of offering the ultimate stress-free solution. You don't even need to be a child to unleash your imagination with our fantastic foam; anyone, whether they're nine or 99, can play along. The foamë® sets are interactive and family-friendly at all levels.

Providing great toys that stimulate and encourage each child's development is a responsibility we take seriously. However, we've also had heaps of fun getting this far - now it's your turn!

Team foamë®

 Push. Pop. Play.

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