Discover the wonders of the foamë® toy building sets
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Discover the wonders of the foamë® toy building sets

Posted by Mark Sumner on

foamë® launched in November 2016 and is a new construction toy that kids really can’t afford to be without. In a nutshell, it features brilliantly designed foam pieces that can be pushed and popped together to make all kinds of amazing objects – from animals and robots to boats and rockets.

foame childrens building toy set

Fun? Yes! However, foamë® provides a lot more than just hours upon hours of enjoyment. Here are some of the qualities that make the foamë® truly unique.

It never gets boring. Ever.

foamë® has been designed so that children can use it again and again without getting bored. The foam pieces connect in numerous ways and there are countless objects to be made so there’s absolutely no risk of kids using it once and then casting it to one side. Each time the zipper satchel is opened and the pieces are released, another adventure begins. Completely different from the day before.

It develops all the important skills kids need for healthy brain boxes.

We believe that foamë® is really more than a toy. Instead, it is a means of developing kid’s cognitive and motor skills. While playing with it, kids can improve the way they think, concentrate, problem solve and find reason. 

It can be used anywhere. We mean it, literally anywhere.

foamë® is so much fun that kids are likely to get attached to it. Fear not, though, kids won’t have to part with it if they don’t want to. Instead, foamë® can be used anywhere and everywhere – including inside your home, outside in the garden and during long car journeys. In fact, the foam pieces can also be taken into the bathtub. NO MOULD ALLOWED.

It promotes the imagination of your young ‘uns

foamë® is a fantastic way to promote kid’s creativity. In a day and age where more and more young ones are spending their days sat in front of a television or tablet, this product teaches kids that nothing can be as entertaining as their own imagination.

It makes for a perfect gift

Kids will go wild when they see foamë® under the Christmas tree or wrapped up on their birthday. As far as gifts go, it ticks many boxes because it’s fun, teaches new skills and never gets boring.

Grab your foamë® set right here right now

foamë® is perfect for anyone aged three and above. The versatility alone makes it one of the best children’s toys to have come along in several years. Set to be a bestseller, foamë® designers and builders can only work so fast so we suggest you grab your brilliant foamë® set immediately.


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