Because life's hard enough.

Foam building blocks. Welcome to a new world of play.  



78 elements for your growing hero to explore and build 15 creatures and mutations in and out of the bath. Simple guided building with tidy away bag.

3 - 6 years+



Y'ar it's pirates life foamë.. 123 foam building pieces for your intrepid voyager to explore the high bath-tub seas. From sail to surf and boat building shenanigans.

4 - 8 years +



200 pieces of foamë play system with 'construct, connect and adapt' elements for boundless creative play - 2 guide books packed with modelling ideas.

5 - 99 years +


Life got hard, it got techno frenzied.

Foamë storybuilding sets put the power of play back in to the hands of children to learn through hands on screen-free exploration without the need for wires, coding or battery charging - opening imaginations with squishable creations.

A softer building toy - empowering play at home, school and on the go. Because life's hard enough.

Foamë around the World .



For desktop distraction or focus, we've got Fidgetë, Cubë, 101 and R080TS on the way.

With guides and model ideas to finish off we're also re-inventing the wheel ;) to incorporate into the current storybuilding sets.

Perfect as grab toy to take on travels helping keep little ones occupied for hours whilst developing motor skills and showing off their inventive creations.